It's Time You Felt Desirable

If self-doubt has been killing your self esteem, it's time for a perspective shift. No matter what lies you've heard about your age, your size, your skin type, or your "flaws", I want to show you how stunning you truly are with boudoir.

So much more than just jaw-dropping photos
Hand with wedding ring sitting on booty with beautiful stretch marks in white mesh bridal lingerie. Photo by NYC Boudoir Photographer Earthly Venus Boudoir. Learn more at

Learn to Cherish your "flaws"

Boudoir photography teaches you to see yourself with new, loving eyes.

boudoir album / gifts for him / NYC Boudoir Photographer / Photo by Earthly Venus. Learn more at

Ignite Desire With Enticing gifts

If a picture's worth a thousand words, your boudoir album says "Take. Me. Now."

wavy hair dewy lip / sultry gaze close up model / NYC Boudoir Photographer / Erotic Photography by Earthly Venus. Learn more at

Transform into THAT Girl

Get the type of confidence that makes you ask your therapist if it's still healthy.

You might be wondering

What is A Boudoir Photo Shoot?

Boudoir is a style of photography that captures intimate, sensual and sometimes even erotic images. It's an opportunity to dress up in lingerie, feel like a model, get pampered, and discover a whole new side of yourself. My photo shoots are designed to be tasteful and empowering, and the goal is always to celebrate your beauty and confidence.

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You Don't Have to Be a Professional Model to Look Like One

“She will make you look hot even if you don’t feel hot. If you feel hot she’ll probably make you look even hotter.”

More Than Just Stunning Boudoir Pictures

It's Life Changing Confidence

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Let's Meet Your Inner Baddie

Meet Haley, your boudoir photographer

I love cozying into sweatpants, snuggling up with my cat to binge Judge Judy. But my photos express a whole different side of me!

Seeing my boudoir portraits first thing in the morning is like a mantra I'll never forget to use.

That's why the confidence you'll get from your boudoir photo shoot is so life changing; it 's a constant reminder of your beauty and power.

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