Want to exude confidence and sensuality when you pose for the camera? You need a sexy posture! These 6 essential steps will guide you head to toe through proper modeling posture, ensuring you look absolutely stunning in every photo taken of you.


Modeling posture is the foundation for captivating posing. Learning what this posture looks and feels like will help you to look more poised, feel more confident, and think less in front of the camera. It's not just about standing up straight; a sexy posture conveys control, grace, and allure through every inch of your body. 

Model tossing her long dark hair back in black lingerie. Photo by Earthly Venus, boudoir photographer NYC.

How to Get Model Posture


Engaging your stomach muscles will help you to maintain stability and control in your poses. This will not only give you a confident posture, but also create a sense of strength and poise in your poses. Focus on drawing your navel towards your spine and lifting through your pelvic floor to activate your core muscles without tensing them excessively. 

Model Paul Howard posing with abs engaged. Photo by Earthly Venus, boudoir photographer NYC.
Model in tall painted jean boots, arching her back for her photoshoot. Photo by Earthly Venus, boudoir photographer NYC.

2. Arch Your Back

Arching your back is a game-changer in modeling. It creates a beautiful curve in your spine, elongating your torso and accentuating your natural curves. Practice arching your back to add some sexy posture to your elegant poses.

Boudoir photo featuring an easy booty pose. Photo by Earthly Venus, boudoir photographer NYC.

3. Stick out that Booty

Don’t be afraid to emphasize that tush! Not only does it help define your lower body, but it also adds an element of allure and confidence to your stance. Embrace your curves and give your booty a subtle pop to enhance your overall pose.

Blonde woman in black lace robe sitting on a salmon pink backdrop. Photo by Earthly Venus, boudoir photographer NYC.

4. Relax Your Shoulders

Your shoulders play a crucial role in conveying openness in your confident posture, but when you’re nervous, you might tend to pull your shoulders up towards your ears. Instead, roll your shoulders back and down to create an open demeanor that exudes a subtle confidence.

Boudoir client arching her back and pointing her toes. Photo by Earthly Venus, boudoir photographer NYC.

5. Point Your Toes

Pointing your toes elongates your legs and creates what we call “long and graceful lines''. This is a good thing, because your pose is going to appear more elegant and refined. Think of how a Barbie doll’s feet look, and whether you're standing, sitting, or laying down, remember that pointing your toes is a part of keeping your sexy posture.

Tattooed brunette with soft bridal makeup relaxing her face. Photo by Earthly Venus, boudoir photographer NYC.

6. Relax Your Face

Even if you have a sexy posture, your facial expression can make or break a pose. So even if this is your first boudoir session or photoshoot and you’re feeling nervous, try your best to keep your face relaxed and natural. Don’t worry about doing everything exactly right! A good photographer will help guide you if anything can be improved in your poses.


Why do models slouch? While slouching as a result of fatigue, discomfort, or lack of awareness can sabotage even the most beautiful pose, mindful slouching with an otherwise engaged modeling posture can actually add visual interest to your poses. Especially in boudoir photography, you can use some mindful “slouching” to convey a relaxed, comfortable, laying-around-in-bed kind of feeling.

A blonde model relaxing her posture in comfortable pose. Photo by Earthly Venus, boudoir photographer NYC.


With these tips in your arsenal, you'll be well on your way to mastering the art of how to get model posture, which will allow you to exude confidence and sensuality in every pose. 

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Bridal boudoir model looking over her shoulder confidently. Photo by Earthly Venus, boudoir photographer NYC.