Not sure how you’ll keep your boudoir session a secret?

Of course you don't want to ruin the surprise! Here’s a list of lies you can tell your partner to get them off the trail and keep your spicy plans under wraps.

Ideally you can plan your session for while your boo is at work, but sometimes that's just not possible. If that's the case for you, here are a few lies that help to cover up the big secret:

You're not at a boudoir session you're...

going to a makeup trial

This one is perfect for brides. Even if you have another makeup trial that they know about, you can say you didn’t love the artist and are trying someone else. This ones great because it also explains your hair and makeup being done.

Hanging out with a friend

Bonus Points Bonus points if your bestie covers for you.

You’re running errands, shopping, or making returns 

Good for making an obvious go-bag make sense. Bad for if your bae loves to shop and will want to join.

You have a routine doctor/hair/beauty appointment

This works best the less they understand about how the appointment you’re “going to” is supposed to work. Pick something they've never gone to and never had any interest in going to.

If you're not afraid of being a little toxic, an appointment your partner finds controversial (like plastic surgery) can make them emotional enough to distract them from your surprise. Use wisely.

You're attending a workout class

This one is also good for covering for your go-bag. But if you want to wear your glam for the rest of the day (and you probably will, because you'll look fantastic) it's harder to cover after you come back home.

You’re going to do an activity that they have absolutely no interest in

They won’t want you to talk about it, so they’ll stop asking questions even if they were suspicious at first. They’ll be so relieved that they don’t have to go that they won’t risk asking too many questions and having you invite them.


When in doubt, gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss. The fight you start here will distract them from the surprise. They'll think you're cheating or doing drugs or something, but boudoir? The last thing on their mind. Again, use your powers of toxicity with caution.

Lying is one thing, but going in with a fool proof plan to keep your secret is the best way to make sure your partner will be surprised when they see your gift. If you're worried about certain issues coming up, ask your photographer what they think. I can't speak for anyone else's business, but most of us are excited to help you! I personally love conspiring and being sneaky with my clients, and will happily lie to your bae if it's what's best for them.