As the premier boudoir photography company in NYC, Earthly Venus is excited to share our exclusive insights into the intricate process of creating this Halloween makeup look. In this unique photoshoot, we transformed the classic housewife-murders-husband persona into a stunning vision, elegantly adorned with blood and rhinestones, exuding both sophistication and intrigue.


As a team of Halloween lovers, we wanted to create a look that shows off what we're known for: an unparalleled level of artistry, and precision -- and of course a drool worthy level of hotness! We knew we wanted to incorporate fake blood with an editorial flair. Through careful collaboration we aimed to blend classic horror with editorial glam, and arrived at the aesthetic of a housewife staining her white silk for an alluring and unforgettable series of boudoir photos.


To create this boudoir portraits series, each flick of simulated blood, and each rhinestone were delicately placed by our makeup artist, Hailey Sipes, based on our collaborative vision of the fictional murder scene. This look took several hours to create, and the process is a testament to our team's commitment to detail.

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At Earthly Venus, we believe that every boudoir session is a unique story waiting to be told. Whether it's Halloween, a wedding, or to simply feel like a baddie on a Tuesday, we pride ourselves in a timeless portrayal of our client's inner beauty and strength. Our NYC boudoir sessions allow our client's to indulge in a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Discover the art of transformation this Halloween with Earthly Venus. Contact us today to schedule your personalized boudoir session and experience the magic of capturing your essence in a way that transcends expectations.