These 4 Tricks will help you break the ice and calm your nerves

Whether it’s your first time in front of the camera, or your 5th photoshoot this month, it’s perfectly normal to get butterflies in front of the camera. 

But of course, none of us want to look as tense and confused on camera as we might feel prior to starting our session! How do you release your fears to capture your most authentic and beautiful self on camera? 

These simple tips will help you look and feel like your natural, gorgeous self on photoshoot day.

1. Rest, rest, rest! 

Be sure to get enough sleep the night before your session. It’s called “beauty sleep” for a good reason! 

Set your intentions on going to bed early, turn off your electronics, turn on your fan, and close those blackout blinds. Whatever helps you float off most easily into your perfect night’s slumber. 

2. Prep everything you need the day before

The last thing you want the morning of your session is to have to recompose yourself on the way to the studio because of how stressed you were about forgetting any essentials. Thankfully, this is easily preventable! And I've made you an easy-to-follow session prep checklist so you don't forget a thing.

The day before, lay out all of your outfits, accessories, and anything else you’d like to bring to your session. Get it all packed in a little go-bag, and set it by your door, or your car keys, or wherever you know you’ll see it on your way out. With everything ready and prepared you’ll be able to ignore your checklists and focus on manifesting the best, most fun photoshoot ever! 

3. Get to know your photographer

Hi! That’s me, Haley! I always keep my Instagram DMs open, (@earthlyvenusboudoir if you haven’t followed yet), and am just a quick message away. Don’t be afraid to ask me any questions you might have. I pinky promise that I’m super easy to talk to, and I will not to bite, haha. 

4. Practice some poses

Of course, if you book a session with me, I’ll give you full, personalized posing guidance. So there’s zero pressure for you to be prepped with any of your own poses.

However, it can bring some stress relief, and some sense of preparation to practice your best angles in your mirror at home. Pretend the mirror is the camera. What angles make you feel stunning? What facial expressions can you experiment with? Discover what feels comfortable and natural to you, and what makes you look gorgeous. 

Knowing these poses will help you out not only at professional photoshoots, but also when you pass your phone to your bestie the next time you ask them to take a selfie of you. 

The more you practice, and the more you prepare, the more confident you will feel on set. And when you have an amazing team there with you, hyping you up, and making you feel like the baddie you are, it makes all the difference. Those little butterflies will fly away, and what’s left will be your beautiful, confident self.