Phenomenally done hair and makeup amplifies your natural beauty, and elevates the quality of your final photos – plus, it’s just plain fun!

So good you won’t want to wash it off

Our boudoir photoshoot makeup is the best simply because we work with some of the top makeup artists in NYC. This consistently makes our photos stand out against the competition because of our makeup artists’ expert execution and unique tailoring to each individual client’s best features and sense of style.

Hailey Sipes

Hailey has over seven years of experience as a makeup artist, and when she isn’t blessing us with her talent, she’s working with celebrities and models at New York Fashion Week, in music videos, and national advertising campaigns for companies so big that you may have their website to find this article. Her precise attention to detail and editorial flair makes the end result of her work particularly striking and flawless.

Becca Low

Becca is an international award winning makeup artist who has been working professionally for over six years. She has multiple degrees in Cosmetology and Makeup, which gives her the technical edge that makes her subjects look and feel flawless every single time. Makeup is her true passion in life. She loves working with new faces, and the rewarding feeling of seeing a client absolutely overjoyed with how they look.

our boudoir makeup looks

“I don't remember the last time I felt this beautiful”

Boudoir Makeup FAQ

Is Hair and Makeup included with my session?

Yes! Makeup and hairstyling is included with your session retainer.

How do I prepare for my makeup artist?

A little bit of prep can make your makeup look even better – especially on camera. Moisturization and exfoliation in particular go a long way. Check out our article on how to prep for photoshoot ready skin.

Do you tip a makeup artist for a photoshoot?

At our boudoir sessions it’s never expected, but always appreciated. Tipping the makeup artist at your boudoir session can be a great way to show appreciation for how beautiful they helped you to feel. Different client's may or may not choose to tip various amounts.

At Earthly Venus we believe in paying people – especially artists – for their worth. So our makeup artists are paid fairly and at their full rate before you even choose to tip.

Will these makeup artists be able to work with my skin type?

All of our artists have experience working with faces of all skin tones, textures, and types. They will also communicate with you throughout the entire process to be sure that your needs are met and that you’re happy with the final result before moving to photography.

I love my makeup – can I hire my photoshoot makeup artist for my wedding makeup too?

Absolutely – that and anything else you might want to look hot for! If you didn’t get your makeup artists information at your session, you can ask your photographer for it. We’ll be excited that you had such an amazing experience and happy to connect you two.