How do I find an outfit that makes me feel beautiful?

Whether you’re shopping for a boudoir session, a hot date night, or a solo evening with your latest binge and your favorite glass of wine, lingerie is meant to make you look and feel confident. 

So if you’re looking to get a little dressed up (or a little dressed down), and need a little bit of help as to where to start, I’ve got you! 

Here are some helpful tips to find the best lingerie for you.

1. Prioritize Comfort

I know, I know, “beauty is pain”. I myself have tried (more than once) have attempted to squeeze into a piece that wasn’t quite my size, cut into my ribs in a weird way, or worse… cut into my, how do I say this… if you know you know. 

STOP. You don’t need to suffer for the sake of beautiful lingerie! You’re not supposed to fit into lingerie, lingerie is supposed to fit YOU. And if it doesn’t it’s bad lingerie. 

2. Find your size

Did you know that most people who buy bras are often wearing the wrong size? That means you could be wearing the wrong size and not even know it! And since lingerie is meant to emphasize and compliment the natural shape of your body, size is everything. 

So here’s your next step, go to a local lingerie boutique near you and have them measure you. You don’t even have to buy anything, just ask them to measure your bra size. When you get this information, write it down for your next shopping spree. You’ll save yourself so much time and guesswork, even when shopping online.

And pro-tip, if you go to Victoria's Secret and they size you as a 36-38 band OR a triple D, leave and and get a second opinion. If your outside of their size range they'll lie about your size instead of sending you to another store

Remember, it’s possible for your size can change every few months or so. So if it’s been years since your last sizing, it’s time to go in again. 

3. Show what you love

Since lingerie is supposed to make you feel beautiful in your own body, look for pieces that emphasize your favorite parts of your body. 

Do you love your chest? Look for corsets, pushup bras, bustiers. Love your booty? Look for thongs, or pieces that have a cinch in the middle. 

4. Spend a lot of money – or don’t

Sure, you can find really expensive lingerie that’s absolutely gorgeous. But price isn’t everything! While fast fashion is bad for our planet and worse for your body, there are plenty of non-fast fashion brands with affordable prices and gorgeous pieces. Many of my clients love Savage X Fenti, and Adore Me, just to name a few. 

OR don’t spend any money. I’m serious – steal your partner’s t-shirt, have a sexy, loungy, no-pants moment. You’ll look hot, and especially so since this is such a personal outfit choice. 

We’re lucky that in this day and age there are so many outfits for us to pick from. And if you’re ever lost and need a little bit of extra help, I’m always here. You'll get one-on-one wardrobe guidance at the style consultation that comes with your session, and you can always reach out to me on the contact page in the meantime.