Feeling overwhelmed about how to prep for your boudoir session?

You might be wondering what you should bring, or nervous about forgetting something. To make your life a little easier I’ve prepared this photoshoot checklist. If you have any questions or need any extra help, I’m here to support you. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Photo of checklist sheet for best boudoir prep (further instructions available on scroll)

As soon as possible:

  • Pick your lingerie, shoes, and accessories
  • Start your daily skin-care regimen
  • Drink 4-6+ glasses of water a day
  • Plan how you’d like to time any of your regular treatments
  • for example, think of how you’d time your hair appointment, tanning appointment, wax, etc. if you had a big event coming up

The Week Before Your Session:

What to bring in your go-bag:

  • Loose fitted clothing (to wear on your way)
  • Freshly washed/dried skin and hair
  • Lingerie/outfits
  • 4 looks is average, but bring as many as you like
  • Hang your outfits to prevent wrinkles
  • Leave the tags on, you can return anything you don’t wear
  • Heels 
  • 2 different colors, one black
  • Tights
  • Your wedding ring (if applicable)
  • Jewelry/Accessories
  • Props

Reach out to your photographer for additional assistance

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