Having beautiful boudoir nails makes a significant difference in how luxe your final photos feel. So in this blog I’m going to break down everything you need to do to get those gorgeous hands and piggies ready for your session. 

In this blog, I’ll go over:

  • Why nail prep is important
  • How to prep and maintain your nails
  • Picking out the best colors and styles for you
  • How to handle last minute nail problems
Tattooed model in red lacy lingerie and nails for boudoir shoot. Photo by Earthly Venus

Why are boudoir Nails important?

Photo shoot nails are important because having well groomed hands and feet prevents visual distractions that can take away attention from you and your beautiful features. And since you’ll be using your hands and feet a lot as you pose, we especially want this detail to add to your overall aesthetic rather than take away from it. 

Baby blue nails for photoshoot. Photo by Earthly Venus.

Picking the best Nail Colors

The best nail colors for your boudoir session are the ones that will go with all of your wardrobe looks. Hold up the color option to a piece of each of your lingerie sets to get an idea of cohesiveness. If you have a variety of colors and can’t decide, classics are always amazing: red, black, pink, nude, french tips, etc.


What Nail Color is most Attractive?

Some research suggests that red tones are the most attractive nail color. So if you’re looking for the most seductive color you can find, try experimenting with red!

When to get your boudoir nails done

Get your nails done no sooner than one week before your photoshoot. This will prevent your nails from chipping too soon, or simply growing out.

Natural nail ideas for boudoir photoshoot. Photo by Earthly Venus.

The Best Nail Salon for Boudoir Nails

If you’re based in New York City, or just visiting the city for your shoot with us, I highly recommend getting a manicure and pedicure at Honey Nails. They have locations all over, so they’re easy to get to, and they always are super detail oriented and really do a phenomenal job.

Burgundy nail art framing face for a boudoir photo. Photo by Earthly Venus.

Maintaining Your Nails

After you get your mani/pedi, maintain your manicure by using hand lotion throughout the day. It will keep your hands looking soft, your nails looking fresh, and prevent your cuticles from peeling.

Alt goth, pink, caressing face and neck with crystal pink nails and gold rings. Boudoir photo by Earthly Venus

Fixing Boudoir Nail Polish Emergencies

If you chip your nail polish or have any other last minute issues, most nail salons will let you go in and get touch ups – especially if you were recently in for your set in the first place. 

If there’s truly no time to go back in, don’t worry. Just just let your photographer know. On my sets I’ll help my clients model while hiding little flaws, and it’s often possible to retouch the nail later.

Finish Prepping for Your Photoshoot Like a Pro

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