No Clue what to say on your Boudoir album?

Don’t stress that pretty little head of yours! I’ve put together this list of some of my favorite photo album title ideas for inspiration. Feel free to steal any of these ideas for your own boudoir book!

Boudoir Photo Book Cover Ideas

Simply Timess

[The Date of Your Photoshoot]
with Love
Forever Yours/Mine
Hey cutie…

For Bridal Boudoir

Mrs. [Their Last Name]
For my Husband/Wife
Marry Me
Forever Yours
Love, Your Wife

A Gift they'll Never Forget

For [name]/[pet name]
For my husband/wife/partner/boyfriend/etc.
[Their Name] & [Your Name]

The Album that changed Your life

You are the sexiest thing
Love Yourself
Confidence is Sexy

When You're Simply Hot AF

Open in Private
For your eyes only
I want you
You Know You Want It
Addicted to You
Say Please
Yes Sir/Mommy/Daddy/etc.
Good Girl
[A Name or phrase You’re Called During Play]
For [A Name or phrase They’re called During Play]

Create a gift as Memorable as you

With Boudoir

Skip googling "gifts for him" this year. He only needs so many whisky samplers and shaving kits.

I want an album!