Does cleavage make you say "AWOOGA" or "HUBBA HUBBA"? Looking to feel confident and sexy for your upcoming boudoir shoot? If you’re someone who loves your breasts, the right lingerie can instantly enhance your look. Let's dive into a few types of lingerie that can help emphasize the twins.

Push Up Bra

First up is a classic we all know and love: the push-up bra. This type of bra can help emphasize cleavage, even when you feel like you don’t have much to begin with. These types of bras are popular, and easy to find, plus they come in many different styles. Whether you're looking for a lacy number or something more simple, a push-up bra is a versatile piece that can easily fit in with other styles in your lingerie collection.

Balconette Bra

Another great option is the balconette bra. This is one of my personal faves, because it doesn’t need any padding or lining to do its job well – and personally, I absolutely love an unlined moment for some subtle see-through. Instead of excess padding, like with the pushup bra, the balconette creates cleavage emphasis with its shape. It still lifts you up and gives you extra fullness, but it doesn’t need that heavy spongy material. If you want the lift to be even more dramatic, look for these bras with that extra bit of crescent moon shaped fabric around the edges of the inside.


If you're looking for something even more dramatic, try a corset. These styles provide a more structured fit, and often have a stiff “boning” that pushes your breasts up, and as a little bonus also molds your body into an hourglass shape. It emphasizes boobies AND curves, and looks great on nearly all body types. 


If a corset feels too extreme, a bustier is a nice alternative. It’s like a cross between a balconette and a corset. It lifts your girls, but isn’t really meant to cinch your waist. 

Boob Tape

Ok, you got me. Boob tape is technically NOT lingerie, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it as a stand-alone fit. But if you want to go for some other fun, flowy sets that maybe don’t have as much support for your chest as you’d like, boob tape is about to be your hero. You can cut it into any shape to work under any type of clothing, which means you can dress in that super skimpy outfit without having to sacrifice some to-die-for cleavage and perkiness.

Don't be afraid to try out different styles – everybody is different. Once you’ve experimented with a few fits, you’ll start to notice which types of sets look best on you and your girls. If you’re still having trouble ask your boudoir photographer for some help picking! You deserve to feel confident and beautiful during your boudoir shoot.