Need some boudoir clothing ideas?

Don’t you worry your pretty little head. Here are some sexy looks that will make your dirty self feel sinfully hot and tantalizingly classy.

Woman arching her back in emerald lace bodysuit and thigh highs - Boudoir Shoot NYC by Earthly Venus

Intricate Lingerie

There's something timeless about detailed lace lingerie that never fails to captivate. Opt for intricate designs. You’ll exude elegance in every shot.

Man holding leather flogger, wearing watch and leather harness - Boudoir Clothing Ideas by Earthly Venus

Leather and Latex

Leather harnesses, bodysuits, or even full latex catsuits can add a touch of fetish allure to your boudoir photoshoot. These pieces add a touch of edginess while looking incredibly high-fashion on camera. Check out Mariemur for stunning leather pieces and William Wilde for jaw-dropping latex sets.

Black and white photo of woman in fishnet thigh highs and lace bodysuit - Sexy Boudoir Shoot NYC by Earthly Venus

Fishnet & Mesh

Add a hint of eroticism and tease to your photos with fishnet stockings, bodysuits, or dresses. These sultry boudoir clothing ideas not only looks fabulous on camera but is also often budget-friendly in real life.

Woman in black lace bodysuit, lace robe, and platform heels holding a gun - Boudoir Clothing Ideas by Earthly Venus

Role Play

Steal your partner’s baseball jersey, get undone in a sloppy button up, or step into an alternate persona with a sexy school girl uniform. These boudoir clothing ideas are unique, creative, and perfect for storytelling and building fantasies.

Close-up of faux leather lingerie with silver o-ring zipper - Boudoir Clothing Ideas by Earthly Venus

Bondage Inspired Lingerie 

Lingerie adorned with straps, O-rings, studs, and chains can create a provocative and commanding look without being overtly BDSM. Embrace your inner dominatrix with these suggestive pieces.

Woman in bathtub wearing delicate pink panties, holding pink shoes - Boudoir Shoot NYC - Clothing Ideas by Earthly Venus

Provocative Footwear

Complete your ensemble with thigh-high boots, stiletto heels, or platform shoes to elevate your presence and confidence. Plus, they'll make your legs look incredibly long and sleek!

One woman holding another on BDSM leash - Boudoir Clothing Ideas by Earthly Venus

Accessories & Props

Add an extra layer of excitement to your shoot with accessories like collars, cuffs, blindfolds, paddles, floggers, whips and more! These playful props enhance the kink aesthetic and make posing even more fun and natural feeling. 

woman spread across a white bed in a black lace body suit - Boudoir Clothing Ideas by Earthly Venus

Choose Boudoir Clothing Ideas That Make You Feel Empowered

Remember your outfit is supposed to make you feel confident, powerful, and ready to explore your sexy side! 

Feeling inspired?

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