Need help deciding how you want your makeup done for your photoshoot?

Your hair and makeup for your photoshoot should enhance and compliment all of your favorite features while uniquely reflecting your personal style. Which is why I always bring the most talented makeup artists I know! There’s really nothing they can’t do. 

And since they’re so amazing, your photoshoot is a great time to go for that makeup look you’ve always been wanting to try. If you don’t know what to ask for, this blog is here to help you find a little bit of inspiration from popular styles my clients love.


Haters will say you didn’t wake up like this, but I’m comfortable with lying to them if you are. Many clients just want to feel like themselves, but just a little bit elevated. In these looks we want your natural skin to glow through, which usually means either light coverage foundation or no foundation (with just a little bit of spot concealing so that you still look flawless). Your artist will still be able to draw attention to all of your favorite features, but they’ll do it in a way that says “eyeliner? I don’t even know what that is, I guess I was just born this hot. Who wants to go swimming?”

woman looking down holding blue flowers. Her freckles shine through her light and peachy "no-makeup" makeup style.


A great option if you love the power of makeup or consider yourself a maximalist. These looks are about enhancing and dramatizing your look with elements like full coverage foundation, contour, and big lashes.

Sometimes clients will want to ask for full glam but also will be a little bit scared to go for it – don't worry, no one wants you looking like a clown, sis! Rest assured that it all comes down to the execution; makeup artists on my set will make sure that nothing comes out cake-y and that your best features are still the main character. They’ll check in with you as they go to make sure everything comes out exactly the way you like it.

Smokey Eye

“I’m going through a phase, is that OK with you?”

This look is especially fun, because how often do we get to wear something so dramatic in our everyday lives, right? These looks are super sultry, and you can do them in any color  you’d like (which is great for a little extra sparkle, subtlety, intensity or uniqueness).


If you love that old fashioned 50s pin up makeup with the bold red lip and the cat eye (“sharp enough to kill a man” as Taylor would say) this is it. This look is always so classy, timeless, and glamorous. And if you want your photos to have a little bit of a vintage flair to them, pairing this type of look with some silk or lacy lingerie can really create a whole vibe.

Make your look uniquely yours

Everyone’s style is different, so nothing here is cookie cutter. Different elements of these and other styles can be combined to give you the photoshoot makeup of your dreams for your boudoir session.

If you book with me, we’ll begin talking about all of these details at your style consultation. You’ll be able to ask me any questions you might have, share your inspiration pics, or ask for any recommendations if you want your makeup stylist to do what they think will look best for your vision.