You shouldn't have to feel like you're not good enough after scrolling through social media. Or dread having your photo taken every time someone takes out the camera. We all fall short trying to keep up with whatever the world has decided "pretty" looks like today.

at Earthly Venus, "Pretty" Is whatever You Decide!

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Hi, I'm Haley!

Boudoir Photographer NYC

I'm a girls girl and a glam lover. I do boudoir portraits nyc because I want you to feel like your baddest, hottest self -- even if you haven't met her yet!

Even When you don't BELIEVE it's true

I know you're Beautiful!

Portrait of Haley Snyder, Boudoir Photographer NYC, holding a camera. Photo by Earthly Venus.

"I have never felt so confident in my own body!"


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I love my boudoir photography NYC client's -- and the feeling is mutual!

Couples love us for Boudoir Photography NYC on the Knot. Learn more about our boudoir photographer at earthlyvenus.com.

"I’ve never had photos of me taken where I look as fantastic"


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Earthly Venus is popular online as the best boudoir photographer nyc, and for insider tips and tricks to help you look stunning on camera.

"She highlighted all my best features that I didn’t know I had"


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